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Kate Bishop Photography1487721_10152543572837501_394201533_o1534870_10153323563632501_4502381150737464846_o920344_10152063863042501_733878336_o1014674_10152603403937501_2001408294_o1529894_10152544802797501_629703243_o1008852_10152373485327501_1482905984_o1262925_10152245045662501_1005349145_o1074045_10152097974857501_649712707_o1534740_10152544870967501_1071202117_o1047937_10153323562067501_85711632166995478_o1889007_10152603401517501_1353144149_o10750088_10153323560962501_1770251323435841822_o10659113_10153323565152501_6310742756945302992_oKate Bishop studied at the Leeds Metro Metropolitan University studying how to become a juggler

… Yes, Mother of two, juggles teaching, child raising and her photography business.

Kate is an adept all-rounder with a superb eye for detail and feeling for atmosphere who no doubt would tell you her favourite subject is children.

Kate is also an Administrator on this Community FaceBook Page

“I am very pleased to be associated with the guys at Logo Heaven who have produced my Logo and manage my Brand,” says Kate. ” They have been wonderful”

You me contact Kate directly for bookings, Photoshoots and prices

Here is a link to Kate’s Website

Kate is based in the Oxford region…Photo: Kate Bishop


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Kate Bishop Photography Website
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Child Photographers
Ronnie Birks
TheWebCircle FaceBook

Child Photography Community


Facebook Gallery

Mobile Phone: +44 (0) 7801515975

Land Line: +44 (0) 1993 882792


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