Kate Osborne Watercolours

    About This started as a step by step watercolour blog, which I will keep adding to occasionally, but I’ll also be adding finished work, ongoing projects, and inspiration, as well as feedback on materials and equipment. I’ve been using watercolour for the last forty years, as a painter, illustrator, textile designer and teacher, … Continue reading Kate Osborne Watercolours

Kate Osborne: Chicken and Egg

Roosters Collection: By Kate Osborne "Kate Osborne. blog: http://kateosborne.wordpress.com/ I studied textile design at Northbrook College in Worthing from 1972 to 1976 and, following this, worked for two London textile studios as a floral designer. In 1979 I went to live in Los Angeles where I freelanced, doing production ready artwork for various manufacturers. I … Continue reading Kate Osborne: Chicken and Egg


Straight from the horse's mouth.. LogoTrain on Track to join... You guessed it! The WebCircle...and organisation which acts as a conduit between Creatives and interested parties. Magic Circle..not THE Magic Circle is a clandestine coven of who knows? crack pots.... Apt701 ? Well  that's my flat, you cheeky little tikes! The Blue Button? ...Just don't touch the … Continue reading MergerMania