Els Knockaert

Els Knoxkeart


Els Knockaert

Els obtained her high school certificate at the academy in Bruges and a diploma in graphics from the St. Lucas Institute in Brussels. She worked as a freelance whilst travelling in the Far East. During a stay in Africa in 1994, she began to paint large frescoes. Following that she participated, as artistic collaborator and art-teacher.

After much travelling Els and her partner decided to settle in Colombia. Enchanted by the magic of the tropics.

Els discovered the perfect place to develop her passion for painting, in a very personal style. Her fascination for the surrounding jungle is clearly revealed in her work.

Els started to paint children of the region. Her strongly expressive works play with the light and shadow and vibrant colours of the Caribbean sun. Her canvases radiate human warmth and joy of children in a burst of spontaneity. In 2002 they changed Colombia for the south of France. It is once again a mountainous region in which they establish themselves, but this time in the south of France.

With a strong element of nostalgia the children of the Sierra will be portrayed and exhibited in Belgium, France, Tunisia and Columbia. The Mediterranean culture and ‘joie de vivre’ are inspiring Els to create a new body of work, inspired this time by the vineyards and the production of wine.

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